session prep & faqs

What are the best ways to prepare for my session?

When investing in professional portraits, a little planning can make all the difference in the final product! Taking the time to plan ahead can greatly ease “picture day” stress. Here are a few pointers to get you started...

Kids (and adults!) should be fed, rested, groomed and ready to have fun when arriving on location. Keep your clothing choices simple and cohesive. There is usually one fashionista in every family and now is the time to let them shine! Everyone should feel good and look like themselves. Hats and favorite toys are welcome and will add character and personality to a photograph. Should you need inspiration, Pinterest is a great resource and has lots of great coordinating wardrobe ideas. If you have an idea or inspiration, please share it with me, as my ultimate goal is to make you happy!


Choose simple outfits that complement each other. The goal is to capture the essence of you as a group, your emotions and connection to each other, not your attire. Don’t stress over the wardrobe, basic is always better. Choose something that you’ll be happy to look at for years to come!


Anything goes! We are capturing an age and a stage, so bring with you whatever suits your child’s personality best. Ease of movement and comfort are key… the best shots happen when kids are comfortable and feel relaxed. I can be quite the clown during these sessions and love working with children to bring out their personal best!


The most important aspect of the senior portrait is to be yourself! Each session is uniquely different. We will talk prior to your session to uncover your goals, feelings, expectations to ensure that we are on the right track.


My Favorite TIP!:  A week before your session, lay all of your outfits (including shoes) out on the bed. Check for fit, color, texture, pattern and cohesiveness.  Is it too plain, too busy?  Does anything need washing, ironing or tailoring?  You get the idea. The brilliance of doing this is to hang and/or fold all of your outfits away in YOUR closet. On picture day focus on hair (and makeup), dole out those outfits and you’ll be feeling like a ROCKSTAR, organized and in control! WIN!




How can I coach my kids towards a great experience on picture day?

Forget the “talk” about behaving, smiling and saying “cheese” for the “photographer lady!” (This is a surefire way to stress a child out, who may be a little nervous already.) Instead, encourage your kids to just “be themselves” and “to have fun.” It is important that they listen and play along with whatever we (as a group) may be doing, but remind them that you want to admire their beautiful faces in the pictures I am going to take!

At the session, we will roll with whatever happens and I strive to keep things positive and fun for everyone. Remember, children will take their cues from you: If you’re relaxed, they will be too! By the end of every session, my goal is to learn about each of you and to become your child’s special friend.

Cancellations/Reschedules/Retakes…oh my!

If you should need to reschedule your session due to illness or circumstances out of your control, please contact me as soon as possible! I am flexible and would rather see a healthy glow through my camera lens, than droopy eyes and runny noses. To be perfectly clear, please do not show up for a session with un-well subjects! (There is no amount of magic in my trick bag that overcomes this situation.) Rescheduling for lesser reasons is unpleasant for everyone, so if you are able to stick to the plan, fantastic! If not, just call me and we will figure it out together. If I see a conflict regarding the weather, I will contact you. If you should receive your proof gallery and are not thrilled with your images, please say so. I strive to do my best for each client, but if you’re not happy, I’m not happy. A retake session can be scheduled if absolutely needed.

What is a Model Release/Copyright Acknowledgement Form?

A model release/copyright acknowledgement form is an agreement between photographer and client and outlines the policies with which copyrighted images are to be used as well as informing the client that their images are copyrighted works of art that the photographer owns as intellectual property. My business growth relies on referrals and advertising via the Internet and print promotions. Every portrait I take becomes part of my professional portfolio, which I use to grow my business. I want you to be fully informed and comfortable as we move forward.

What is the difference between a PROOF, a PRINT and a DIGITAL NEGATIVE?

PROOF is a fully-edited image intended for ordering purposes or marketing use and includes my copyright information or "watermark." These images are often included as part of full portrait session and are yours to keep and enjoy. Digital Proofs are low-resolution images that can be shared online as long as they retain my watermark and are not altered, edited or cropped from their original form. Hard copy proofs should never be scanned or reproduced.

PRINT is a professionally processed image using the highest quality UV/archival paper and can be mounted for stability and longevity. Prints are intended for display or use in the home or for gifting. There are no watermarks on this type of product and it is a breach of copyright law to scan or reproduce any printed product for personal use.

DIGITAL NEGATIVE is one image, in a high resolution form delivered via gallery download, email or USB drive. They are valued at a much higher rate than printed products because they represent the intrinsic value of the image and the include the personal or commercial copyright for at home or online reproduction. All digital negatives purchased include a low-res, watermarked image to use for sharing on the internet. Un-watermarked files are for your own projects or printing use to share with family and friends and are NOT to be uploaded to the internet.